Good Endings at Death (Husn Al-Khaatimah) (4) : Abdul-Ghaniy Al-Maqdisi and Others
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From Imaam al-Dhahabi (rahimahullaah) who narrates in al-Siyar, the following:

Dhiyaa Al-Maqdisee said: I heard Aboo Moosaa say: My father al-Haafidh 'Abdul-Ghani Al-Maqdisee became sick with a severe sickness which inhibited him from speech and from standing up. It continued severely for sixteen days, so I would ask him a great deal by saying: 'What would you like?' so he would say: 'I would like Paradise.' 'I would like The Mercy of Allaah.' He would not increase upon that, so I came to him with some warm water, and he put his hand out so I helped him perform the wudhoo at the time of Fajr. Then he said: 'O 'Abdullaah, stand and lead us in prayer, and keep it light.' So I prayed in a group and he prayed seated, then after I sat next to his head, and he said: 'Recite Yasin.' So I recited it, and he would supplicate and I would say 'Ameen.' I said: 'Here is some medicine for you to drink.' He replied: 'O my son, there is nothing else left except for death,' so I said: 'Do you desire anything?' he replied 'I desire to look at The Face of Allaah, Glorified be He.' So I asked: 'Are you not pleased with me?' he said: 'Indeed; by Allaah.' I said: 'Do you not bequeath anything?' he said: 'There is nothing for me upon anyone, and there is nothing upon anyone for me' I said: 'Admonish me.' He said: 'I admonish you to be fearful of and dutiful to Allaah and safeguard yourself upon obedience to Him.' Then a group of people came to visit him and they gave salaam and he responded to them. Then they began talking so he said: 'What is this? Rather remember Allaah and say: laa ilaaha illallaah.' So when they stood to leave he began to make the remembrance of Allaah with his lips whilst he made an indication with his eyes. So I got up to present a man with a book from beside the Masjid. Then when I returned, his soul had departed from his body - rahimahullaah. That was on Monday the twenty third of Rabee' Al-Awwal in the year six hundred.

Aboo Shaamah said: Someone who was present with Fakhr ud-Deen bin 'Asaakir informed me saying: He prayed the Dhuhr prayer and so began asking concerning the 'Asr prayer. Then he performed wudhoo and made the Shahaadah (declaration of belief) whilst he was seated. Then he said: 'I am pleased with Allaah as a Lord, and with Islaam as a religion, and with Muhammad as a Prophet, Allaah has instructed me of my evidence [upon myself], and dismissed my slips, and has had mercy upon my strangeness' then he said: 'wa 'alaikum as salaam' and so I knew that angels were present, then he overturned - deceased.

The Sheikh, the Imaam Al-Faadhil, the eminent Musnid Shamsudeen Abul Ghanaa'im bin 'Allaan Ad-Dimashqee would always adhere to the recitation of the whole of the Qur'aan every day until he passed away. The departing of his soul coincided with the end of soorah Faatir.

Al-Siyar of al-Dhahabi (21/467, 22/189, 17/347 ) through al-Ibar min Fawaa'id as-Siyar p.589-593

Translated by Abu Haatim Muhammad