The Humility of the Imaam, Muhaddith Naasir Al-Deen Al-Albaanee
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Saturday, September, 14 2013 and filed under Scholars
Key topics: Humility

In the 8th cassette of Silsilah al-Huda wal-Noor, it is said to Shaykh al-Albaanee that some of the people of knowledge said about you, "al-Haafidh al-Albaanee", so the Shaykh said in response:

In any case, firstly, I am not pleased with this title... and - as I always say and will (always say) - I am only a student of knowledge, I strive to acquire (knowledge) in accordance with my capacity.

Note: Today, there come a people, having barely reached the meagre age of forty or fifty years, seeking to quickly raise their level above and beyond that of al-Albaanee by claiming he makes many thousands of mistakes in his rulings on ahaadeeth, and that his books should not be read, implying that their mastery in this field surpasses that of al-Albaanee by far, only aiding and supporting the attacks of the Jahmis, Sufis and Shi'ah against this noble Imaam, and exposing their own seeking of fame!

In Silsilah al-Huda wal-Noor 8th cassette.
Translated by Abu Iyaad (@abuiyaadsp)