Statements From the Salaf Regarding the Day of Arafah: Part 1
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Al-Haafidh Ibn Rajab (rahimahullaah) mentioned:

Shortly, your brothers will stand at Arafah at that station, so joyous congratulations for whoever is granted that. They will pray fervently to Allaah with hearts ablaze and tears that were anticipated. For how many (a one) amongst them are there that are fearful? fear has stricken him and perturbed him. The beloved; who is set alight with yearning - and so is ablaze by it; and the one who has hope and assumes the best thought with regards to the promise of Allaah - and of His truthfulness. And the one who repents; and thus acted in good faith sincerely for Allaah out of repentance and of His truthfulness. The one who flees and seeks refuge at the door of Allaah - and so knocks it, for how many there are that are obligated for The Fire yet Allaah saves him and thus frees him. And from the captives with encumbrance of a heavy load (of sin) that He releases and so sets free. It is at that moment that the Most Merciful of those that have mercy enquires about them - whilst the inhabitants of the Heavens boast of their union. And so He draws close and then says: "What do these [people] want?"

Note: Allaah, the Exalted says this whilst He knows best what they want.

Ahkaam 'Arafah p.199-204 & Lataa'if wal Ma'aarif p.382-385
Translated by Abu Haatim Muhammad