Taqwa and Your Stomach (1) Al-A'mash: Debase Your Stomach and It Will Honour You
Posted by Abu.Iyaad on Monday, September, 16 2013 and filed under Salaf
Key topics: Food Halaal Haraam Moderation

It is related that al-A'mash (rahimahullaah) said to a man:

Do you see this stomach? If you debase it, it will honour you and if you honour it, it will debase you.

Mawsoo'ah Ibn Abi al-Dunyaa (4/95) through Hayat al-Salaf of Ahmad al-Tayyar.

Note:. What enters the stomach (whether halaal or haraam and whether in moderation or excess) affects the heart and soul, and the Salaf considered this (the matter of food) to be a foundation to what softens the heart and leads to piety.

Translated by Abu Iyaad (@abuiyaadsp)